Hammer Mills Test Results

Download the Staalmeester Hammer Mills Test Results here » (pdf format, 12Kb)

STAALMEESTER 6776 Heavy Duty Hammer Mill

The 6776 is a multi purpose heavy duty hammer mill and top of its class when it comes to industrial milling.

The 6776 is equipped with an in feed auger that sheds the bale before it goes into the grinding area. This increases the capacity and ensures an even flow into the milling system. The 6776 stands out in the milling sector and no competitor can come close to its capacity and durability. The 6776 is a 3 in 1 machine. The pick up or harvester head can easily be fitted. Staalmeester manufactures its own spare parts, making maintenance and services affordable.

The 6776 is designed to handle ANY type of material, any grain type, maize on the cob, maize stalks, and any grass type. The 6776 is designed to handle the ever so popular B70 round bales and also whole square bales without having to take it apart.

The 6776 is equipped with a single cycle for two bags or a double cyclone for four bags. The cyclone can be removed and a chute can be fitted. The 6776 has a very powerful blower system that allows the material to be displaced up to 15 m.

STAALMEESTER 6776  PTO on Wheels Hammer Mills


6776 Heavy Duty Hammer Mill (Download brochure .pdf format, 1,64 Mb)


The 6776 hammer mill on maize residue demo video - see the video

The 6776 hammer mill on lucern demo video - see the video

STAALMEESTER 6776 (6776 HM) Hammer Mills

6776 Electrical Heavy Duty hammer Mill with chute.

The 6776 comes with a unique option, the bottom drop feature. This allows the user to discharge the material into an auger system for pelletizing or any other similar application. The bottom drop feature also allows the user to mill “wet material” for example, beetroot, sugar cane, forage and much more.

Power options available :

  • Electric 37 kW
  • Electric 45 kW
  • Diesel 55 kW, 4 cylinder Perkins Lovol with clutch
  • 3 point tractor driven
  • Without motor

Wheels are optional on all hammer mill types.


  • 16 Hardened rods for hammers
  • Fitted with cyclone for bag attachment
  • PTO requirements: 37-70 kW
  • Electrical requirements: 30-45 kW
  • Rotor weight: 168 kg
  • Effective screen area: 6900 cm²
  • Rotor speed: 1560 r.p.m
  • Milling sieves: 360 degrees
  • Screen sizes vary from 0.8 mm to 70 mm

Performance test result by ARC/LNR with 37 kW motor** :

Material 6mm Screen 25mm Screen
Shelled maize 10 140 kg/h 21 800 kg/h
Lucerne 4 400 kg/h 11 680 kg/h