Staalmeester | Enorossi Hydraulic Bale Loader

Staalmeester | Enorossi Hydraulic Bale Loader

The standard hydraulic bale loader is rear mounted on 3 points.
IDEAL FOR: round bales / square bales / big pack bales
DESCRIPTION: Rear loader with hydraulic lift. Staalmeester’s rear loader has been designed to be applied on any tractor equipped with three point hitch, allowing the lifting of heavy loads.
Equipment as per standard: Self-levelling device - Block valves. Quick connection pipes.
Power required: 60 kW
Mod. CB: Fork for round bales Weight 55 kg
Mod. FL-120: Manure fork cm. 120 Weight 105 kg
Mod. CFL-120: Cover for manure fork Weight 54 kg

Enorossi Hydraulic Bale Loader

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310 KG 1000 KG 420 CM

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