Staalmeester | Junkkari HJ261 Wood Chipper

Staalmeester | Junkkari HJ261 Wood Chipper

The HJ261 is a new direct feed chipper for wood 26 cm in diameter. It is well suited for producing biofuels and woodchips used as energy sources.

The high quality woodchips produced with direct feed chippers is particularly suitable for use even in smaller stoker boilers, since the chipper cuts the wood to the cross fibre. The feed opening is at a 90 degree angle to the blade disk. The biggest difference to former HJ-260 model is even better chip quality due to the optimized infeed opening position. The disc diameter has increased to 98 cm and length of the knives to 35 cm.

The HJ-261 chipper comes in two versions, the G and the GT models. The G model has a feeding device with two rollers, powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system, while the GT model has a system with a hydraulic tank and pump of its own. Like HJ-250, also the HJ-261 chipper can be fitted with optional loader feeding equipment that contains the following elements: a stronger in-feed chute, a No-Stress rotation guard and an electronic feed and discharge chute control.

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Product Overview

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Feed opening size 26 x 26 cm
Disc diameter 98 cm
Disc mass 240 kg
Blade count 4*
Revolutions 540-1000 r.p.m
Blade setting 3-20 mm
Max wood diameter 26 cm
Chipping capacity 7-30 m³/h *
Power requirement 40-90 / 55-125 kW *
Weight 970 * 920 kg
Length in working position 240 cm
Length in transport position 175 cm
Width in working position 134 cm
Width in transport position 134 cm
Height in transport position 290 cm

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Junkkari HJ 261 Wood Chipper

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