Staalmeester | JF 1000 AT

Staalmeester | JF 1000 AT

The JF 1000 AT opens a new world of possibilities for the farmer. Wider "mouth" for easier harvesting of sugar cane and tropical grasses (planted in rows).

JF Harvester Heads Brochure

Product Overview

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Capacity Up to 35 ton/h
Cut sizes 24 (2 – 36 mm)
Working width 1 m
Power source PTO
Number of gathering drums 4
Recommended PTO power 60 – 80 kW
Required PTO revolution 540

Attachable to : JF 92 Z6 and JF C120

Used for : maize, sorghum, sugar cane and tropical grasses.

Additional Info:

Increase the productivity of the harvester with a low power requirement.

Simple and strong transmission, built with resistant gearboxes with lower maintenence.

Harvests 2 rows with a distance of up to 1m.

JF 1000 AT harvester head- For Harvesting 2 rows of maize/sorghum with row distance of up to 80 cm (1m working width)

JF 1000 AT Forage Harvester

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