Staalmeester | 4114 Maize Thresher

Staalmeester | 4114 Maize Thresher

Staalmeester 4114 Maize and Mahongo Thresher are leaders in its class. High quality steel and precision welding set this machine apart from its predecessors. It is very easy to operate and maintain, all parts are proudly South African and are readily available when needed in any neighbouring country.
Machine comes standard on wheels and makes it very easy to move around. The Staalmeester 4114 thresher is fitted with a removable screen and replaceable beaters.

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Product Overview

Additional Info:

Power options available:

  • Petrol - 6.5hp;
  • Diesel - 5.5hp;
  • Electric 2.2kW;
  • Electric 5.5kW without motor or drive

Capacity of 1.5 - 2 tons/hour is easily reachable. The Staalmeester 4114 is a work horse abd can be used 24/7.