Staalmeester | JF Grain Extractor UP 270 S2

Staalmeester | JF Grain Extractor UP 270 S2

JF Grain Up Grain Extractor has a modern transmission system and an innovative system of work and transport. It features incomparable mobility, high capacity and also a version with tray a loading station included.

It is designed using high technology such as the auger that quickly and efficiently extracts grain stored in 9-foot bags and transports it with precision to trucks or grain bins without losses and without damaging the grains.

The system allows the machine to extract the grains while cutting and rolling the bag in a synchronized motion with the loading auger.

Another highlight of JF Grain Up is the tray system (optional) that can receive the grains from trucks or trailers and turn the JF Grain Up into a loading station.

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Product Overview

Driving of augers Tractor PTO
Driving of bag roller Hydraulic engine
Height of machine in working position
Unloading height in working position 4.300mm
Length of machine in working position 4.200mm
Width of machine in working position 6.650mm
Height of machine in transport position 3.300mm
Length of machine in transport position 2.500mm
Width of machine in transport position 5.600mm
Articulation of discharge chute Hydraulic cylinder
Working capacity Up to 210 ton/h of continuous flow
Bag diameter 9 feet
Width of sweeping auger 2.900mm
Tires 7,5 x 16 (1O Lonas)
Power required on PTO From 60hp
Required revolution on PTO 540 RPM
Weight 2.462 kg

Additional Info:


• Operated by a tractor with double remote controls that drive the discharge chute and the bag roller.
• Speed adjustment valve for bag roller according to the type of grain and discharge flow.
• Blade system adjustable according to the bag height: precise, continuous, smooth cutting in perfect synchronism with bag roller and augers.
• Wear-resistant special augers with the highest thickness in its class.
• Special filler to extract the granules or fertilizer at the end of the bag safely and without losses.

JF Grain Up 270 Grain Unloader

Watch the JF Grain Up 270 grain unloader video on the JF YouTube channel.