Staalmeester | JF Kanguru 270 Grain Bagger

Staalmeester | JF Kanguru 270 Grain Bagger

JF Kanguru 270 Grain Bagger is a mobile station for storage of grains or fertilizers and you can take it wherever you need. The concept is to take care and store your harvest of grains in a bag in an anaerobic and stable temperature environment.

JF Kanguru 270 was developed as solution for logistic and storage problems of grain producers. It can be used by small or large scale farmers, including those who already have a fixed silo and that at any time can increase the production volume. This system makes storage easier and cheaper and allows selling the grains at the best time of the market. The farmer might be paid a much better price for the grain when using bag storage.

Staalmeester JF Kanguru 270 Grain Bagger Brochure

Product Overview

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Bag 9 feet
Capacity -
Height without Hopper 3070 mm
Power source tractor PTO
Tractor power (hp) 25 hp
Transport width 2600 mm
Wheels 6.5 x 16
Working height 3570 mmm
Working scheme 200 RPM
Working width 4390 mm
¹Productivity posted in the tables are averages obtained in test conditions and can vary according to the degree of humidity of the forage, specific weight and working conditions.

Additional Info:

Grain bagger for storage of grains in 9 feet bag, powered by tractor PTO, featuring polyethylene feeding nozzle, disc break by hidraulic system, brake system manometer to verify brake pressure, special lever for opening and closing of brake valve, driven by cardan shaft, belt transmission, transporting auger, pulley alignment system, bag tray, adjustment system for alignment on surface by specific chains, draw bar for transporting position, ladder, ratchet, hanger for bag fitting, support stand, wheels 6.5 x 16, required revolution at PTO of 200 RPM, required power at PTO starting on 25hp.

Grain selection: allows separate storage of different grain batches;
Low investment: much cheaper than a fixed storage unit;
Mobility: easy setup on strategic places, which results in logistic savings in the storage operation;
Profitability: the system makes possible a higher profit allowing selling the crop in the best moment of the market;
Stores different sorts of grain: corn, beans, wheat, oats, sorghum, soybean, fertilizers, sesame etc.
Cost reduction: allows saving electric energy costs of silo and cheaper freights out of harvesting season;
Advanced disc brake system for a precise braking action and uniform filling of bag
Simple mechanism: easy operation and maintenance.

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