Staalmeester | JF 1600 AT

Staalmeester | JF 1600 AT

JF’s 1600 AT Precision Forage Harvester is the greatest innovation for the forage market worldwide. The front head was developed for harvesting all types of forage, planted in rows or not. The innovative mounting frame is articulable, which allows harvesting in uneven fields. The chopping system has a powerful rotor with 12 large knives with “C” technology, resulting in unmatchable chopping uniformity.

JF Harvester 1600 AT Brochure

Product Overview

Capacity Up to 90 ton/h*
Cut sizes 24 (2–36 mm)
Number of rotors 1
Number of blades in each rotor 12
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 4
Recommended PTO power 90–140 kW
Required PTO revolution 540 r.p.m/1000 r.p.m
Weight 2150 kg
Transmission system Cardan & gearbox

Additional Info:

Chainless & beltless transmission
Better efficiency of tractor power, higher productivity and the easiest maintenance in its category.

Articulable frame with 2 supporting wheels
Allows harvesting in uneven terrains with less stress to the harvester frame and tractor hydraulic arms.
Frame with side, rear or front harvesting options Easy for opening up fields. Easier harvesting because of row independency.
Powerful rotor with 12 large knives with “C” technology Unmatchable chopping uniformity. Chop & blow function. Cracks maize grains - no need for additional equipment.

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