Staalmeester | Enorossi Caddy Rakes

Staalmeester | Enorossi Caddy Rakes

Enorossi offers the top of the line in affordable 8, 10 and 12 wheel rake carts. Its simple compact design keeps moving parts down to a minimum, eliminating excessive wear points. A newly designed transport caddy gives a high ground clearance of over 20", which keeps the transport bar away from cut hay when raking under heavy conditions.
A wide six foot stance on the 15" transport tires keeps the rake stable in hilly terrain. Double hydraulic lift system allows for maximum control on any terrain. Heavy 7mm tines keep tine breakage to a minimum.
Adjustable raking angles allows the ability to regulate windrow width for a variety of baler openings. The 10 Wheel rake is designed with a front mounting finger wheel to allow it to quickly swivel out of the way when only on an 8 wheel is needed.

Enorossi Caddy Rakes

Product Overview

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Model Working width raking Weight No raking wheels
Model: RC 8 540 cm 600 kg 9
Model: RC 10 640 cm 660 kg 11
Model: RC 12 740 cm 736 kg 13

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Enorossi Caddy Rake

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Staalmeester | Enorossi Caddy Rake Variations

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