Staalmeester | 2.7 Staalmeester Drum Mower

Staalmeester | 2.7 Staalmeester Drum Mower

Staalmeester drum mowers are the most famous drum mowers currently in South Africa. The robust design makes it easy to work in any conditions.
Fitted with 8mm steel base to reflect rocks and easily move about neatly cutting anything from lusern, bethel grass, teff etc.
The gentle cut allows all the nutrients to stay within the feed and maximises animal productivity. The Staalmeester Drum Mower comes with a 1 year warranty and spare parts are always available.
The Staalmeester Drum Mower is fitted with a drive shaft running in a tightly sealed oil bath. Low cost services and easy maintenance makes the Staalmeester stand out from any competitor. Don't trust any drum mower, trust a Staalmeester drum mower.

Staalmeester Drum Mower

Product Overview

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MODEL 2.7 m
Cutting width 2700 mm
Number of drums 4
Number of cutting blades 16
Tractor power 50 kW
Length 3 800 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1 100 mm
Weight 750 kg
Working capacity 3.5 ha/h
P.T.O 540 r.p.m
Working speed 8 – 10 km/h
Skid plates 8 mm

Additional Info:

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