Staalmeester | Celmak 270 Drum Mower

Staalmeester | Celmak 270 Drum Mower

Celmak Drum Mower

Product Overview

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MODEL 2.7 m
Cutting width 2700 mm
Number of drums 4
Number of cutting blades 16
Tractor power 50 kW
Length 3 800 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1 100 mm
Weight 750 kg
Working capacity 3.5 ha/h
P.T.O 540 r.p.m
Working speed 8 – 10 km/h
Skid plates 8 mm

Additional Info:

Celmak Rotary Drum Mowers

Celmak 2.7 m – Hydro flex
Robust and sturdy low maintenance; cost efficient mowing Two year warranty with full service support Can be used for grass; soy beans; sorghum; lucerne and any type of feed material

Celmak 270 Drum Mower

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