Staalmeester | Mounted Type Turbo Atomizer

Staalmeester | Mounted Type Turbo Atomizer

Tractor mounted and trailed type sprayers are developed to meet the different requirements of plant protection treatments.

Mounted Type Turbo Atomizer Brochure

Product Overview

Model: SMFS 400
Capacity litre 400
Total length (mm) 1150
Total width (mm) 880
Total height (mm) 1250
Boot length 10
Model: SMFS 600
Capacity litre 600
Total length (mm) 1280
Total width (mm) 900
Total height (mm) 1400
Boot length 12
Model: SMFS 800
Capacity litre 800
Total length (mm) 2000
Total width (mm) 1300
Total height (mm) 1465
Boot length 14
Model: SMFS 1000
Capacity litre 1000
Total length (mm) 2350
Total width (mm) 1500
Total height (mm) 1520
Boot length 14

Additional Info:

It has polyester and polyethylene depot and membrane pumps, which are operated by power take-off from tractor conveys pressuring chemical liquid to nozzles on fan. Fan is also operated with power- take off and it sends pressured air out. Pressured chemical liquid is sprayed by adjustable nozzles around the fan by air circulation. Atomization is provided on right or left sides by remote control.

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