Staalmeester | 6116 RS Hammer Mills

Staalmeester | 6116 RS Hammer Mill

Staalmeester 6116/18RS is the 3rd installment in the Staalmeester's manufactured hammer mill range. The RS model has an integrated blower system that optimizes the milling capacity. The blower system allows the material to be automatically fed using a convection method. The cyclone has a two spout outlet, this allows you to fill one bag at a time for fill both at the same time. The cyclone can be removed and a chute can be fitted to discharge into a wagon or shed. The dynamically balanced rotor is fitted with 8 heat-treated hammers and 4 hardened rods ensuring superior quality.

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Product Overview

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Rotor Ø 520 mm
Rotor Shaft 50 mm
Housing Width 300 mm
Housing Ø 710 mm
Milling Sieve 360°
Motor Speed 2900 r/pm
Rotor Speed 3200 r/pm
kW Required 15-30 kW
Effective Screen area 3760 cm²
Weight with motor 485 kg
Weight without motor 375 kg

Additional Info:

The 6116 has a unique design. The two bearings are designed on the outside of the rotor, this make for an easy bearing replacement and increases the lifespan of the bearings. The 6116 is designed with 3 v-belts and nickel chrome steel shaft measuring 50 OD, the frame work is manufactured out of 4 mm steel. This makes for a very robust and powerful hammer mill. Screen sizes vary from 0.8 mm to 70 mm.

Power options available :

  • Electric 15 kW
  • Electric 18 kW
  • Electric 22 kW
  • Diesel 11.6 kW crank or electric start
  • 3 point tractor driven
  • Without motor

6116 RS Hammer Mill

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