Staalmeester | Celmak 1300 Single Chop

Staalmeester | Celmak 1300 Single Chop Forage Harvester

These Single Chop Forage Harvesters are excellent machines for harvesting grass, lucerne and beet tops.

They are also suitable for making silage. The material that is harvested is blown directly onto the trailer.

Staalmeester Celmak Harvester Brochure

Product Overview

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Length 2 600 mm
Width 2 150 mm
Height 3 150 mm
Weight 620 kg
Cutting width 1 300 mm
Working capacity 15–16 ton/h
Number of cutting blades 21
Tractor power 30 kW
PTO 540 r.p.m
Working speed 8–10 km/h

Additional Info:

High output with low power consumption
Simple operation and maintenance
Outstanding performance
Longer durability
Better fodder quality, with lower losses
By only removing the wrapping. Wrapped bales can be chopped with ease

Celmak Single Chop Forage Harvester

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