Staalmeester | JF C240 Evolution

Staalmeester | JF C240 Evolution

Interchangebale new system choose from 70-95 cm row spacing on one machine.

Innovative folding arm system which makes transportation easier and allows harvesting in offset position or in line on the front or back of tractor. This is especially useful for opening fields or edges without waste of forage.

Front fairings included (except for version of 736mm), resulting in less forage waste and higher harvesting speed. New longer chute design with double deflector for better discharge precision on trailers and trucks. Hydraulic control with precise and comfortable control system by joystick.

Featuring 2 rotors with 24 blades with “C” technology for a faster chopping process, more uniform particles and grain cracking without the need of additional devices


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Product Overview

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Increases up to 20% the harvesting speed
Lower power consumption
More resistant
Safe to use machine: projected according to European norms (CE)

Capacity Up to 60 ton/h
Cut sizes 24 sizes (2-36 mm)
Number of rotors 2
Number of rows 2
Number of blades in each rotor 12
Distance between rows 700 mm to 950 mm
Number of rotor blades 24
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 8
Recommended PTO power 80-100 kW
Required PTO revolution 540 r.p.m
Weight 1350 kg
Transmission system Cardan & gearbox

Additional Info:

New rotor with 12 “C” shaped blades
Stable and resistant
Protects the rotor against wearing
It breaks the maize grain skin
Carriage bolt that simplifies maintenance

New gathering platform with higher intake capacity
Longer durability of gears
Less stress for tractor

Distance between rows
736 mm (700-770) or
800 mm (750-850) or
900 mm (850-950) or
950 mm (900-1000)

JF C240 Evolution Forage Harvester

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