Staalmeester | Enorossi Batrakes

Staalmeester | Enorossi Batrakes

Enorossi 8, 10, or 12 Wheel Batrake with standard central raking wheel
Enorossi now offers the latest innovation in High Capacity Caddy rakes with the BATRAKE. The heavy 7 mm spring tines provide for excellent wear and strong resistance to breakage.

Go from a V rake configuration to single side without leaving the tractor seat.

The BATRAKE’s unique lifting system gives you the ability to only partially raise the V-rake when coming to the end of the field, rather than into the full transport position. A single hydraulic hose allows it to be used on older tractors with limited hydraulic remotes. Windrows width from 3’ to 7’.

This unique V-rake combines attention to detail and quality of the work performed. The Batrake's raking wheels can be considered among the best on the market with 32 inc. of ground clearance!

Central raking wheel with hydraulic lift, hydraulic raking angle control and road homologation available upon request.

Enorossi Batrakes

Product Overview

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Model Working width Weight No raking wheels Power required (HP)
Model: Batrake 8 500-560 cm 680 kg 8 30 HP
Model: Batrake 10 560-660 cm 780 kg 10 30 HP
Model: Batrake 12 600-740 cm 890 kg 12 30 HP

Additional Info:

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