Staalmeester | JF Taurus 9m³

Staalmeester | JF Taurus 9m³ Forage Wagon

The sidewalls are galvanized and this results in more strength with less weight. JF Taurus 9m³ Forage Wagon was developed to be the ultimate option to the producer for harvest. Its technological features meet all producers’ needs, combining high productivity with low maintenance costs.

Its reinforced frame is entirely bolted on to facilitate maintenance and transport, making the wagon stronger and more practical.

Staalmeester JF Taurus Brochure

Product Overview

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Back discharge capacity 2 minutes
Front discharge capacity 2.5 m³ per minute
Total height 2580 mm
Total width 2500 mm
Width for transportation 2200 mm
Discharge pipe height 750 mm
Total length 6680 mm
Wheel base 2000 mm
Volume 9 m³
Wheel system tandem
Power requirement 40 kW
Tyres 10.5/65x16
Approximate weight (empty) 2100 kg

Additional Info:

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