Staalmeester | Enrossi Fertilizer Spreaders

Staalmeester | Enorossi Fertilizer Spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders are used for applying granular fertilizers and pesticides to turf.
In order to guarantee a perfect descending of the product, the Enorossi SPF series spreaders are equipped with a pressed steel hopper in one piece. It is possible to intervene with the distribution of the product for obtaining a localized or uniform spreading.
INCLUDED: Articulated agitator.
SPF Series with p.t.o.
Available with Polyutherane and galvanized hopper.

Staalmeester Enrossi Spreader

Product Overview

Models Spreading width Weight Max Load
SPF-500 600-1800 cm 59 kg 550 kg

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Staalmeester | Enorossi Fertilizer Spreader Variations

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