Staalmeester | JF 3200 AT

Staalmeester | JF 3200 AT

JF 3200 AT multi-forage harvester is the ultimate solution from JF for fast harvesting of forage crops and also ideal for forage harvesting contractors. With a wide header of 3,2m of high productivity, it allows harvesting of several kinds of forage no matter the distance between rows or direction, increasing substantially the output.
It’s coupling to reverse-drive tractors makes the machine to work inline with tractor, offering better manoeuvrability and compactness if compared to trailed models, with driving experience similar to a self-propelled unit.

JF 3200 AT also brings versatility and lower capital cost to the farmer. The tractor, the most expensive part of harvesting combination, is available for other jobs outside the silage season. So the capital cost of tractor and JF 3200 AT combination is much less than even a small self-propelled harvester.

JF 3200 AT Brochure JF Harvester Heads Brochure

Product Overview

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Capacity Up to 90 ton/h*
Cut sizes 18 (2,5 – 34 mm)
Number of rotors 2
Number of blades in each rotor 15
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 8
Recommended PTO requirement 140 – 200 kW
Required PTO revolution 1000 r.p.m
Weight 3900 kg
Transmission system Cardan & gearbox

Additional Info:

Advantages, Features and Benefits
Simple and strong transmission for tough jobs, built with resistant gearboxes and high quality shafts and gears for lower maintenance;
Wide head of 3,2m with 4 drums with adjustable speed, resulting in high productivity, shorter harvesting time and quicker closing of silage pit;
Featuring 2 rotors with 30 extra big blades with “C” technology for a faster chopping process, high chopping quality and kernel cracking action without the need of additional devices;v It harvests up to 7 rows of maize or sorghum with high speed and lower packing of soil;
Designed for harvesting of large areas with lower capital cost if compared to self-propelled machines; ideal for large farmers and contractors;
Reverse system gearbox for unblocking machine when overloaded;
8 independent shear pin devices for machine protection against overloading;
Modular design for simple maintenance;
Hydraulic control system with precise and comfortable joystick;
Built-in sharpener for fast and precise maintenance of blade sharpness.

JF 3200 AT Precision Forage Harvester

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