Staalmeester | JF 1300 Fertilizer Spreader

Staalmeester | JF 1300 Fertilizer Spreader

The JF Double Disc 1300 is a spreader for fertilizers, seeds and lime. In addition to being an economical solution for broadcasting material with a range of 16 to 36 m, the adjustment in the angle of paddles allows for a more uniform distribution and allows it to work in some areas due to its independent distribution system (with only one disc), which makes it easy to spread on edges.

With a capacity of 1300 litre and quick adjustment of speed by a limiting auger and scale indicator on the cylinder, the JF Double Disc 1300 is a light spreader with low power consumption without losing efficiency in the uniform distribution of granular fertilizer, lime and seeds.

JF 1300 Fertilizer Spreader

Product Overview

Technical features JF Double Disc 1300
Power source Tractor PTO
Height 1300MM
Load capacity 1300 ℓ
Length 1500mm
Width 2350mm
Working width (range) 16 to 36 meters
Required power at PTO 30 cv
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Weight 274 kg
Capacidade de levante do tractor 1800 kg

Additional Info:

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