Staalmeester | Teagle Tomahawk 808 Dual Chop

Staalmeester | Teagle Tomahawk 808 Dual Chop

Any Bale, Any shape, Any size, Anywhere!

Teagle Tomahawk 808 Dual Chop

Product Overview

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  • Compact, Well Engineered Design - the massive rotor and cross beater combination is designed to even out power peaks. It is optimised to give a smooth running machine, important when working with livestock.
  • Two Speed Gearbox gives a high speed for spreading straw long distances and low speed for delivery alongside the machine - all at 540 PTO RPM
  • Gearbox Based Driveline for simplicity and durability. PTO Slip and over-run clutches, together with a cross beater shear bolt, provide comprehensive driveline protection.
  • Heavy Duty Bed Chain - the Hydraulic flow control and directional valve provides speed and directional adjustment from the tractor seat. A bed chain speed indicator is visible to the operator.
  • Chain Drive to the Cross Beater - gives high output and smooth feed from even the toughest, most difficult bates.
  • Fully Enclosed Floor for clean operation. Material earned around by the conveyor returns to the bale chamber. Access panels are provided where necessary for ease of maintenance.

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