Staalmeester | JF 1300 AT

Staalmeester | JF 1300 AT

The JF 1300 AT features a powerful rotor with 15 "C" technology blades combined with a new kernel processing system "+PRO" for resulting in a silage with high nutritional value at a low operational cost.
The other highlights of this incredible harvester is the new tungsten saw blade, innovative transmission and 1,30m working width.

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Product Overview

Capacity Up to 48 ton/h*
Cut sizes 18 (3,0 – 55 mm)
Number of rotors 1
Number of blades 15
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 4
Required PTO revolution 540 r.p.m
Weight 1895 kg
Transmission system Cardan & gearbox

Additional Info:

Advantages, Features and Benefits
Kernel Processor System +PRO: Increase of kernel processing score (KPS) for mor milk and beef production;
Powerful rotor with 15 extra size "C" technology blades for more production capacity;
Working width of 1,30m for row independent harvesting (in rows or broadcast);
Innovative chainless and beltless transmission for more efficient use of tractor power and higher performance;
Front drums with new design and adjustable speed for smoother forage flow and stability. Removable fingers for lower maintenance costs;
Disc saw with tungsten coating, new design and independent speed;
Rear 3 point linkage for easy and safe transport;
Side wheel with adjustable height for better machine stability;
3 point linkage with hydraulic cylinder for easier control during harvesting and transport;
Discharge chute turning and deflector operation with electric-hydraulic joystick control;
Back rotor cleaners for better cleaning and more ventilation for better blowing action of chopped forage;
Forage bender with special adjustments in both vertical and horizontal directions for greater efficiency in different crops;
High quality and resistant main gearbox (Comer).

JF 1300 AT Forage Harvester

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