Staalmeester | GreenTec Quadsaw LRS 1602

Staalmeester | GreenTec Quadsaw LRS 1602

The Quadsaw LRS 1602 is a very robust quadsaw with a working width of 1.6 m for use both in agriculture and in the municipal / private sector. Quadsaw LRS 1602 is very quiet, and can therefore be used advantageously in and around residential areas.
The saw is characterized by a perfect clean cut, even at very thin twigs and branches up to 12 cm thickness. The quadsaw has a very high capacity with low power requirements.
Quadsaw LRS 1602 can be attached to reach arms for tractors or Multi Carrier HXF 2802 for front end loaders.

Quadsaw LRS 1602 Brochure

Product Overview

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Working width 1.6 m
Number of sawblades 4 pcs Ø 40 cm
Branch thickness max 0,5 - 12 cm
Required hydraulic connections 1 x Single Acting, 1 x return, 1 x drain
Oil flow 40 l/min, max 190 bar
Saw blades with carbide blades Ø 40 cm
Continuous duty motor 14 Kw
Driving speed 5 km/h
Weight 110 kg
Right or left version Free option
Blade diameter 40 cm
Oil engine 40 l/min, max 190 bar
Carbide tipped blades
Belt stretcher
Power Band belt drive
Belt tension gauge
Large smooth surface
Narrow body
Branch driver
4 blades on line
7 ° angle allows overlap between the blades
The cutout on the 40 cm blade provides less noise
Skid shoe - the saw avoids hitting the ground
Mechanical quick release
Hydraulic quick release
Oil flow divider
90° hydraulic slew
Rotor with blades  

 = Standard Equipment,  = Optional Equipment

Additional Info:

Strong Arguments:

Perfect cutting quality - both thick and thin branches
Forward speed = high capacity
Power Drive transmission, high efficiency, low power requirements
Saw blades with carbide tipped teeth = long life and minimal maintenance (grinding)

Cutting branches with Cutter bar or Quadsaw video

Watch the Cutting branches with Cutter bar or Quadsaw video on YouTube.