Staalmeester | Buffalo Shredder 3131 Chipper / Shredder combination

Staalmeester | 3131 Buffalo chipper / shredder combination

The most versatile chipper on the market


Standard hammer mill
Garden waist
Maize stalks
Fodder processor
Sugar cane harvester
Manure shredder
Any type of wet and dry material

OPTIONAL: 11kW electric motor with Dol starter – 3 phase Compost or maize in-feed bin

3131 Buffalo Chipper Brochure

Product Overview

Additional Info:

Chipper diameter: 70mm
Rotor diameter: 280mm
2 Especially hardened wood chipper blades
12 x Rockwell 45 hammers
Screen size: 1.1m x 120mm
Effective milling area: 360°
Rotor shaft: 40mm
Screen sizes available from 0.8 – 70mm
14 HP petrol engine with clutch
Chipper rotor thickness – 16mm with 12mm back plate
One outlet
Bearing on the outside (easy disassembly)

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Staalmeester | 3131 Buffalo Chipper / Shredder Combination Variations

3131 Buffalo Chipper / Shredder Combination Electric

3131 Buffalo Chipper / Shredder Combination Petrol