Staalmeester | Junkkari HJ 4 Wood Chipper

Staalmeester | Junkkari HJ 4 Wood Chipper

The Junkkari HJ 4 chipper is especially suited for environmental and landscape chipping.

It is a non-direct feeding chipper, in which the material is fed diagonally into the chippers. The blades draw the wood in themselves, and that makes the work lighter.

The HJ4 is equipped with a hydraulic feeding device. It has one feed roller, and it gets its power from the tractor's hydraulics. The HJ-4 requires one pressure valve from the tractor and one return to the feeding device hydraulics. The output needed by the hydraulics system is 20 l/min and pressure a minimum of 140 bars.

The chipper's disc works as a flywheel and ensures even woodchips regardless of changes in the load. The disk's blades can be adjusted by the required woodchip size. The chipping disk has blow wings, which efficiently spread the woodchips straight into the environment.

Junkkari Chippers Brochure

Product Overview

Feed opening size 20 x 17 cm
Disc diameter 43 cm
Disc mass 45 kg
Blade count 3
Revolutions 540-1000 r.p.m
Blade setting 4-12 mm
Max wood diameter 10 cm
Chipping capacity 2-6 m³/h *
Power requirement 10-35 kW *
Weight 250 kg
Length in working position 170 cm
Length in transport position 120 cm
Width in working position 165 cm
Width in transport position 125 cm
Height in transport position 190 cm

Additional Info:


Additional blade set (uses 3 blades)
Brush wood blades (uses 3 blades)